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Deputy Chief Jester Presents at Firehouse Expo 40

Friday, September 29, 2023

Firehouse Expo celebrated their 40th anniversary this year in Columbus, Ohio. On day 5 of the conference Ocean City Deputy Chief James Jester was asked to present his course "20 Training Props on a Shoestring Budget (and the drills that go with them)". Deputy Chief Jester was also asked to participate in a roundtable on "Firefighter training in 2023 and Beyond". This conference is filled with instructors from all over the country featuring very “big names” in the fire service from agencies such as: FDNY, Columbus Division of Fire, the Ohio Fire Academy, Dallas Fire-Rescue, Prince George’s MD County Fire/EMS, Rochester NY FD, Nashville TN FD, City of Ann Arbor MI FD, Indianapolis FD, Anne Arundel Co. FD, Brewster MA Fire/Rescue, Buffalo NY FD, Harrisburg PA Bureau of Fire, Houston FD, Charleston SC FD, Toledo OH Fire & Rescue, along with many lessor known jurisdictions this side of the Rocky Mountains. What is interesting about these conferences is that you’ll find all of these subject matter experts sitting in other instructors classes throughout the week as they NEVER STOP LEARNING.

Deputy Chief Jester Presenting at Firehouse Expo 2023
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Deputy Chief Jester Presenting at Firehouse Expo 2023
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