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OCFD Assists In Control Burn - Route 589

Friday, October 30, 2015
On Saturday morning at 0900 hours, Members from Ocean City, Berlin, Showell, and Newark Fire Departments met for a drill and controlled burn off of Route 589. Ocean City units tested out new gear for strength and value under real world conditions. The drill, Hosted by Showell Fire Dept. & Tim Jercheid, consisted of various fire evolution and hose advancement drills. After the drills were completed, the house was then burned to the ground with the supervision of on-scene departments. At around 1400 hours, the building was deemed safe for departments to clear the scene by Incident Commander Chris Cropper. A special thanks goes out to Showell Fire Dept. for the invite and Tim Jercheid for hosting this event.

Firefighters Mick Chester & Lt. Brad Bunting Preparing For Interior Attack
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Left to Right Mick Chester, Moe Cropper, Logan Helmuth, Jimmy Parenti, Brad Bunting & Matt Powell
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