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Michael Mowbray Promoted to Acting Lieutenant

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Congratulations to Michael Mowbray who was promoted to Acting Lieutenant on A Platoon!

Ocean City Fire Department’s promotional process includes a written essay, a written exam, and an interview panel.  Topics of the essay and exam challenge a candidate’s knowledge of departmental operating procedures, hazardous materials response, identification, and mitigation, and firefighting strategy and tactics as well as ask questions of why you desire to promote, what skills you possess as a potential company officer, and the role of the company officer in the fire department.  The interview is conducted in front of existing departmental company officers and chief officers, and tests scenarios involving strategy & tactics, Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) knowledge, and human resources discipline and management. 

There is a promotional ceremony scheduled for this coming Fall. 

Acting Lt. Michael Mowbray
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