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Threat of Hurricane Earl brings many volunteers to stand-by - OCVFC Headquarters

Friday, October 30, 2015
With the threat of Hurricane Earl looming large, many OCVFC volunteer firefighters took it upon themselves to supplement the assigned Duty Crew and stand-by at Headquarters just in case they were needed.

Jerry Priestley and Sean Donovan
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Parker Shandrowsky checking equipment
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Past Chief Steger at the conn of Engine 9
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Past Chief Steger and Jerry Priestley checking assignments
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Ready to respond
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Cadet Fletcher Case
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Jason Bloom
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Trips ready to roll
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Moe Cropper ready for a job
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Mick Chester ready for a run
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Alan Jarmon
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Watching Earl's progress
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Jordan and Connor Braniff
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Business owners w/ a sense of humor
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