Michael Mowbray

Michael Mowbray began his career in the volunteer fire service in 1992.  He joined the ranks of Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company in 2011 and is currently serving on the Active Rolls as a Lieutenant on A Platoon as well as a Board of Director.  His certifications include Maryland and Delaware EMT, NREMT, Pro-Board Firefighter I & II, Pro-Board Pump Operator- Engine, Pro-Board Aerial Apparatus Operator, Pro-Board Hazmat Ops, Pro-Board Vehicle/Machinery Rescue, and Fire Officer I.  
Michael is a U.S. Navy Veteran, and also a volunteer at White Marsh Volunteer Fire Company in Baltimore County.  There, he served as a 1st Lieutenant and received the Captain's Award in 2014.   
In 2017, Michael received the President's Award for his work on developing the "Rookie School" Program for OCFD.  He is currently one of three Instructors for the Program.  

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