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Worcester County Issues Outdoor Burning Ban

Friday, April 21, 2023

Effective Monday, April 24, 2023, ALL outdoor burning will be banned for an indefinite period of time in Worcester County.

Worcester County Fire Marshal Matthew Owens issued the burn ban. “Due to the county’s current dry conditions, the burn ban is effective starting April 24,” Fire Marshal Owens said. “This ban should reduce the number of out-of-control, outside fires, which cause safety concerns for area residents, visitors, and especially responding fire personnel.”

The ban applies to all outdoor ignition sources, with the following exceptions:

• Proper use of gas and charcoal grills
• Campfires at the county’s commercial properties
• State and federal campgrounds
• Permitted official Ocean City bonfires
• Private property recreational campfires, which are limited to a fire area of two feet, with a height of three feet
• Public fireworks displays
• Volunteer fire company training exercises

The ban will remain in effect until the dry conditions dissipate.

In addition, all existing outdoor burn permits have been rescinded. “Our water tables are extremely low, and this is confirmed by county and USGS monitoring well networks,” Environmental Programs Director Bob Mitchell said. “We have extremely low precipitation totals, and the U.S. Drought Monitor has the county under a moderate drought category.”

For further information, contact Fire Marshal Owens at 410-632-5666.

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