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Fire Station 5 Officially Open - West Ocean City

Friday, October 30, 2015
The Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company is proud to announce the opening of Fire Station 5 in West Ocean City. The new 19,000 square foot facility was opened on May 3, 2011 at 7:00pm. The brief ceremony was led by Chief David Cropper who called each piece of fire and EMS equipment into the station. The parade of equipment was led by the OCVFC Auxiliary Canteen. This signifies the great working relationship the Fire Company has with the Ladies Auxiliary. After all the fire equipment was stored inside the building- with siren screaming, Engine 8 rounded the corner with lights on and many of the senior members and Gold Badge Members on the unit. The Engine parked on the front ramp and members of the community and fire company gathered around as Chief David Cropper gave a brief history. After the history of the station and the many members over the years who have served the community it was time to make the housing official! Members gathered around Engine 8 and pushed the unit inside the fire station. “Chief 50 to Ocean City- sound the first alarm for Fire Station 5”! At which time Ocean City Communications sounded the first fire alarm and Fire Station 5 was in service. The new station has many great features that will not only serve the community now, but 30 to 40 years into the future. It was a proud time in the resort town. CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW TO PLAY THE VIDEO FROM WMDT- CHANNEL 47

Engine 1 pulls into the new station for the first time.
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Station 5
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Lt. Brad Bunting, FF Matt Powell, Lt. Skip Carey
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The doors officially open.
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Chief Cropper calls the apparatus home.
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Tanker 19 arrives.
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Tanker 19 backs in.
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Rescue 18 arrives.
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Tower 5 arrives.
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Engine 8 arrives, staffed by Life and Gold Badge members.
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Engine 8 arriving. John Guntow (Driver), Steve Cropper (Officer), Wardie Jarvis (Side Rail), J.D. Quillin III (Hose Bed), Ed Hudson (Tail Board)..
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Backing into it's new home.
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Chief Cropper giving a brief history, and recognizing our senior members as well as past members.
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Director and Past Chief Steve Cropper.
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Housing Engine 8.
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Housing Engine 8.
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Lt. Skip Carey, Past Mayor, Past Fire Chief, and Gold Badge Member Roland E. Powell, and Past President Ed Hudson.
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Lt. Jeff Aperance, Lt. Chris Gee, Firefighter Moe Cropper, and Firefighter Bob Trautman.
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Director David Hedges, Past Chief Jake Shaffer, and Firefighter Reggie Bell.
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Past Chief Shaffer and Assistant Chief Shaffer open the Engine Bay doors for the first time.
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The first regular business meeting held in the new station.
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Cadet Austin McIntosh, Cadet Jake Knopp, Cadet Raven Gronsbell, Cadet Fletcher Case, and Firefighter Matt James.
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In Service.
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Engine 8 arrives.
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The membership and public looking at the new Engine Bay.
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Acting Captain Hearne presents the VFC with a gift from overseas.
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Station 5.
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Engine Bay.
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