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Annual Gold Badge Life Member's Dinner - Hilton Suites Ocean City Oceanfront

Friday, October 30, 2015
24 of the current 30 Gold Badge Life Members and their guests were present on Thursady 10 December 2009 at the annual dinner held in their honor. These 24 men represent a combined 750 Years of Active Service for the citizens and visitors of Ocean City, Maryland. Group photograph members follow: Back Row: James Baker, Skip Bunting, John Guntow, Ron Phillips, William Steger, Bill Todd, Ben Lewis, Cliff Dypsky, Nelson Wright, Steve Hales, John VanFossen, Larry Lewis, Jack Hastings, Sam Villani, Steve Price. Front Row: Charlie Bunting, Harold Vickers, Marvin Timmons, Donald Fisher, Jake Shaffer, Ed Hudson, Fish Powell, J.D. Quillen, Al Berger Not present: Bill Savage, Jay Bunting, Steve Cropper, Jack Fisher, Frank Christopher, Tim Price.

Marvin Timmons
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750 Years of Active Service - Group photograph roll call in storyline
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J.D. Quillen
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Fish Powell, Ed Hudson, and Al Berger
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Chief David Cropper
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Steve Price
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Skip Bunting
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Sam Villani
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Cliff Dypsky and Ron Phillips
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Nelson Wright and James Baker
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Nelson Wright and James Baker
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Jake Shaffer and Donald Fisher
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Cocktail hour
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Cocktail hour
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Cocktain hour
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